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About us

He is Kwok-Leung Tsang and I am Arinda Hoffland, we are the founders of STAMP! We are both born and raised in the Netherlands. Kwok-Leung has Asian roots and I am 100% Dutch.

We love to travel! It changed the way we look at the world and therefor our way of living. While traveling, our dream to start a sustainable project in a developing country began to grow. We’re an excellent team: he triggers my creativity and slows me down when I go too fast, I highly appreciate his business and technical skills. To follow our dream we resigned and moved to Cambodia with a ‘postcard concept’ in April 2016.

While settling in we added a bit of conceptual creativity and marketing to the postcard idea with Florian Gleich. He is guy behind our awesome website and design stuff. So some meetings, sweat and no tears later STAMP! was born.

We love our team, working together and hope we can do this for longer than a postcard travels…


The Production

The Eco Paper

Bakong, Siem Reap (Kingdom of Cambodia)

We heard about Takuya Yamase, Japanese expat and founder of Kumae. The first time he came to Cambodia he did volunteer work. During that time he found out about a dump, 35km outside of Siem Reap town. What he saw shocked and touched him deeply! “Isn’t it degrading to pick stinky rubbish in the burning sun to make a living? These people sleep and live on the dump guys. I need to change this!”

Kumae made the first piece of banana trunk paper in November 2014. They improved techniques, quality and working circumstances. To make a piece of paper you need to chop, slice, cook, wash, cut, …wow, that’s a lot of work, right? It takes around three days to make the paper for your postcard. Did you know banana trunk is smart to use as well? To get this you need some ‘banana knowledge’.

Banana background information
It takes around 9 months to grow a banana plant. This plant can supply only one time a bunch of bananas and then the mother plant dies. But no worries! Below the ground there are already new baby plants growing. The whole process starts again. So why not use the mother plant for making postcard paper?

The Envelope

Treak Village, Siem Reap (Kingdom of Cambodia)

While visiting different shops in town we met Thyda. She might not be able to walk without crutches but hey, she is able to make envelopes! Therefor we recycle old newspapers which gives the “made in Cambodia” feeling. Recognise the Khmer writing?


Krong Siem Reap (Kingdom of Cambodia)